Slim & Fit Programs

Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight is hard and can often feel overwhelming, sometimes even impossible. By offering a variety of services tailored to help your body maximize results, Iron IV can enhance your effort and assist you in achieving your health goals. From performance-specific infusions formulated to increase energy and decrease soreness, to fat-fighting injections, we’ve got you covered!

Our Slim and Fit programs allow you to take control and choose the best fit for your personal objectives.

Slim & Fit


At Iron IV, we believe that everyone deserves to feel their best. That’s why we offer IV infusions tailored to your unique health needs.

Reach Your Fitness Goals

Our natural weight loss programs balance specialized infusions with weekly injections to help your body achieve peak performance. Choose from three different, eight-week programs. Need more? Our three medical weight loss programs each cover 12 weeks and include Semaglutide, the FDA approved weight loss injection clinically proven to help shed pounds. Whichever program you choose, Iron IV can help you lose weight while replenishing basic nutrients typically lost during intense dieting and exercise.

  • Vitamin B-12 100% 100%
  • Vitamin D 100% 100%
  • Folate 100% 100%

Give Your Body The Nutrition It Needs!

With the help of health professionals, Iron IV has developed individually focused infusions that will help you meet your goals. Whether you need a little extra assistance or would benefit from a more in-depth approach that a detailed program provides, Iron IV can help support your journey.