12 Days of Christmas

12 Drips of Christmas Image

12 Days, 12 Drips, 12 Deals. Take advantage of these deals today by reaching out to us today to learn more about these deals and see which ones would work best for you. 

Give us a call today, or reach out to us through the button below today!

Day 1 - Revitalize with Refresh $20 Off

Exactly what your body needs most. Simple, effective, simple hydration. Feel better fast, boost your energy.

Day 2 - Recover with Athlete Fix $20 Off

Improve your athletic performance by ensuring proper hydration, increasing endurance, shortening recovery, and boosting energy. 

Day -3 BOGO 50% on Royal Glow

Regenerate with Royal Glow. Enrich your skin, nails, and hair. Give your body the vitamins and antioxidants it’s lacking. Restore that healthy glow you deserve.

Day 4 - Buy Chill IV get a free Vitamin D and CoQ10 Shot

Buy Chill IV get a free Vitamin D and CoQ10 Shot for free!

Day 5 - Buy 1 Focus IV & save $50 on your next Focus IV

Refocus with a focus IV. Sharpen your mind so you don’t need to check that list twice! Improve mental clarity, enhance brain function, and even target ADHD symptoms.

Day 6 - Book 2 Shield IVs Save $75

Book 2 Shield IVs at the same visit and get $75 off the 2nd IV. 

Day 7 - Renew and Reset with $20 off a Detox IV

Too many holiday treats or maybe hit the eggnog a little hard? Push the reset button with Detox for a fresh start!

Day 8 - 3 Blues Fix IV for $330

Recharge with Blues Fix. SAVE BIG!

Buy 3 Blues Fix IVs for $330 – that’s a $195 in savings. Fight those winter blues!

Day 9 - Buy Compete and get 50% off Athlete Fix

Give your athlete a competitive edge and recovery with a complete/Athelete Fix bundle.

Day 10 - Coming Soon

Day 11 - Coming Soon

Day 12 - Coming Soon